Jetson Nano Acrylic Casing with Cooling Fan (A02/B01 Compatible)

Acrylic Camera Holder: None
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With the new NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 released in 2020, most older casing will not work with your Jetson Nano. This acrylic casing by YahBoom solves that issue as it is compatible with both the older A02 and newer B01 versions of the developer kit!


  • Compatible with both A02 and B01 versions
  • Supports installation of 2 x WiFi Antennas (eg. Intel AC8265 )
  • Supports installation of Acrylic Camera Casings
  • Comes with 5V Cooling Fan
  • Protects the Jetson Nano well while not limiting access to ports and pins


Dimensions : 110 x 88 x 42 mm

Package list

  • 1 x 5V Cooling Fan
  • 6 x Acrylic Pieces
  • 4 x Short Stand-offs (For board)
  • 4 x Long Stand-offs (For casing)
  • 32 x Screws
  • 4 x Rivets (For camera casing mount) 


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