SUNLU FilaDryer S2 3D Printer Filament Dryer Box (Upgraded Version with Fan)


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Note: Upgraded version with fan


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The SUNLU FilaDryer S2 filament drying box is the ideal gadget to protect and store your filaments from moisture, which help you avoid common problems like clogging, poor adhesion and layer migration caused by the dampness of the filament. 

As an upgraded product, the S2 drying box adopts a double heating element structure, which heats up faster and evenly heat. It achieves all-round surrounding heating and rapid drying. The FilaDryer S2 also has an optimally-positioned filament outlet hole that allows you to print while keeping the filament in the dry box.



360° surround heating

The FilaDryer S2 heating speed is twice as fast as most drying boxes on the market and evenly dries your filaments with 360° drying.

Heating temperatures up to 70 °C

With a heating temperature of up to 70 °C, it is also possible to optimally dry more special filaments such as PA or PC.

Curved design & top to bottom drying

The clever curved design not only looks great - the feet give the device more stability and reduce heat transfer from the drying box to the ground.

The design with an upper and lower heating plate increases the heating efficiency by about 30%.

LED touch screen

The LED touchscreen allows you to view the temperature, time, material and LED settings simultaneously, so you always have an overview of the operation.

Intelligent drying modes for different materials

Smart presets for multiple filament types and drying modes make it easy to use and do not require manual settings, but you may also adjust as you want.

You can also switch between displaying °C and °F.

Wide compatibility 

S2 Filadryer is compatible with PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, PA and other 3D printing filament spools within 1kg and 1kg on the market. Filament diameter used: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm. And compatible with most FDM 3D printers.

Filament outlet hole

The FilaDryer S2 is designed with a filament outlet that offers the best angle for connecting with a printer, allowing you to keep the filament in the FilaDryer while 3D printing.

Certified quality  

SUNLU FilaDryer S2 has a variety of certificates to ensure quality, such as CE, FC, RoHS, etc.

 Filadryer S2


  • Product size: 265 x 274 x 118 mm (L x W x H)
  • Max. spool size: Ø 210 x 85 mm
  • Net weight: 1190 g (include power supply)
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
  • Temperature range: 35°C - 70°C
  • Input power: AC 100V - 240V ; 50/60Hz
  • Output power: DC: 24V ± 1.2 ; 2A
  • Standby Power: 0.05W
  • Max Working Current: 1.9A
  • Max Working Power: 48W
  • LED screen size: 3.43 x 2.87 inches
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm / 2.85mm / 3.00mm
  • Color: Black
  • Plug: SG/UK


SUNLU FilaDryer S2 3D Printer Filament Dryer Box

Customer Reviews

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Thank you very much for your order and review! Happy 3D printing and have a great day! :)


Works great. Made My prints better and my filament less likely to break. Good buy!

Thank you very much for your review! Happy 3D printing and have a great day!



Thank you very much for your order and review! Happy 3D printing and have a great day! :)

Jerome Dufour
Very useful

Tested the S2 dryer immediately upon receiving it with a known wet spool of PLA that was generating a lot of stringing during normal print. The stringing stopped upon using the S2 dryer.
The filament dryer works as intended. I cannot compare the performances between S1 and S2 as I did not use the S1 before.

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