Argon Neo Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Aluminum Case

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The Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 Case is a plastic and aluminum enclosure that properly protects and cools your Raspberry Pi 4 without obstructing access to the I/O ports on board. A plastic base protects any surface you place the enclosure on from scratches. The middle section is an aluminum shield that goes over top the connectors and board itself. it has extrusions that provide passive cooling for the hottest components on the Pi (Thermal Tape included). Finally, a magnetic aluminum top protects the board and I/O when not in use, yet provides quick, easy access when needed.

The case includes a number of simple yet useful additions such as a slit for a Raspberry Pi Camera Module and labels for all the pins on the 40 pin header. In addition, the Argon Fan HAT fits overtop the middle section to provide additional cooling.


  • Slim aluminum enclosure
  • Passive cooling via the board cover (Thermal Tape Included)
  • Labeled I/O on the board cover
  • Easy access to all ports
  • Sliding magnetic top cover
  • Slit for mounting Raspberry Pi Camera Modules
  • Modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics


Argon NEO is a Raspberry Pi 4 compatible case which is made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics.

The Raspberry Pi is cooled through passive cooling, which means, heat will be transferred from the Raspberry Pi CPU to the whole body of the case and the airflow vents on the bottom, provides better cooling effects.

The sliding magnetic top on this case provides a better solution to keep the ports safe when not in use.

Also, once you open the magnetic top you have access to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry pi, Display Port and Pi Camera Port. It will be very convenient to use this case with the pins being labeled very clearly.

If you want to use a Pi Camera, you can easily mount the camera on this case by connecting the camera to the Pi camera mount.

This case is very compact, and you can assemble it within seconds! Also, you easily have access to the ports with the carefully cut out openings on the case.


  • Plastic Base
  • Aluminum Heatsink/Board and Connector Cover
  • Magnetic Aluminum Top Cover
  • Thermal Tape
  • Phillips Head Screws for Assembly
  • Instruction Manual
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Minimalist Design / Slim Aluminum Enclosure

The Argon NEO is designed specifically for the needs and functionality of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics.

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Passive Cooling / Robust yet Portable

The case acts as passive cooling for the high demands of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Assembling the case with the Raspberry Pi is easy. With the case's small form, it's easy to bring anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery!




Delivery was quite fast. Design is good, but the magnetic cover is loose. Anyway, good enclosure for raspberry pi 4.


As with my previous purchase, the delivery was very fast. Good product quality. However, the screws for fastening the base plate were a bit too short for the edge that fasten to the upper plate (near the gpio pins). I had a bit of problem fastening it. Otherwise, assembly was quite straight-forward.



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