YahBoom AI Standard 2 DoF JetBot

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NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit: with Jetson Nano 4GB B01
JetBot Map: with JetBot Map
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The YahBoom AI Jetbot is a multi-functional AI smart robot car based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit that responds quickly to a variety of Al visual gameplay! The vehicle is made of green aluminum alloy, coupled with a unique mechanical structure that makes it different in appearance from other cars. Equipped with 2-degrees of freedom lifting platform and 8 million colors HD camera, which can stream surrounding scenes in real-time.

The JetBot can be programmed to accomplish obstacle avoidence, object tracking, color recognition / tracking, detecting edges and more! You can also train the JetBot to run on a number of different routes and control JetBot to complete the track on its own. Programmable RGB strips are also designed on both sides of the robot which can be used to light up dark environments.

The JetBot can also be remotely controlled by a mobile application or game controller.

Documentation: https://www.yahboom.net/study/JETBOT

- 1 x 64G SD card
- 1 x Car expansion board
- 1 x Cooling fan
- 1 x 370 high power motor
- 1 x Charger (12.6v)
- 2 x Servo
- 1 x Camera mount
- 1 x Camera
- 1 x Camera cable
- 1 x Car chassis
- 1 x Servo holder
- 2 x Track
- 1 x OLED display
- 2 x RGB strip
- 2 x RGB strip connection line
- 1 x Wireless network card
- 1 x Copper column screw package + screwdriver
- 1 x Car track gear pack
- 1 x Battery pack
- 1 x Remote control handle
- 1 x Packing box
- 1 x Instruction manual

- NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit 4GB B01: Included/Not included
- JetBot Map (2m x 3m): Included/Not included

Dimensions : 29 x 24 x 12cm


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