KY-009 Common Cathode 5050 SMD RGB LED

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Control what color your want your LED to be with this RGB LED! Resistors are required to prevent burnout.

*This module is part of the KY series of sensors which means that the prints on the board might be mislabelled, do read our notes in the description to understand how to wire it properly. For more information about the problems with the KY series, click here!

Turn-On Voltage:
Red: 1.8V - 2.4V
Green: 2.8V - 3.6V
Blue: 2.8V - 3.6V

Polarity: Common Cathode
Weight: 1.5g

Note: The pins are mislabelled. Pin 1,2,3 correspond to Blue, Red and Green respectively. Pin 4 should be connected to Ground.

Hookup Guide:

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