8MP Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2 and Camera Holder Bundle

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Give your Raspberry Pi some night vision with this No IR camera module with a casing! The NoIR Camera has No InfraRed (NoIR) filter on the lens which makes it perfect for operating in low light environments such as a CCTV. Works with NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit as well. This is the upgraded official camera module with higher resolution at 8 Megapixels! The camera holder helps to keep your camera steady for your application.

Camera Information
Still Resolution: 8 Megapixels
Video Modes: 1080p30, 720p60 and 640 × 480p60/90
Sensor: Sony IMX219
Sensor Resolution: 3280 × 2464 pixels
Horizontal Field of View: 62.2 degrees
Vertical Field of View: 48.8 degrees
Focal Length: 3.04mm
Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 9mm
Weight: 3g

Casing Information
- 5 x Plastic Screws
- 5 x Plastic Nuts
- 1 x Front Panel
- 1 x Middle Panel
- 1 x Back Panel
- 2 x Side Panel
- 1 x Base Panel (with 2 mounting holes)
Weight: 12g

Note: Camera Holder comes unassembled, assembly is required.

Goodies included:
- 8MP CSI Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2 (Official)
- Clear Acrylic Camera Holder (for Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano)


The Camera Module 2 Pi NoIR has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor. It gives you everything the standard Camera Module offers, with one difference: it does not employ an infrared filter. (NoIR = No Infrared filter.) This means that pictures you take by daylight will look decidedly curious, but it gives you the ability to see in the dark with infrared lighting.

Raspberry Pi bundled a little square of blue gel with the Camera Module 2 NoIR, which you can use with the camera to monitor the health of green plants. The NoIR variant is very popular among wildlife hobbyists: with a few infrared LEDs, you can monitor what nocturnal animals are doing in your garden without disturbing them.

The camera works with all models of Raspberry Pi that have a CSI connector (all except Raspberry Pi 400 and the 2016 launch version of Zero). It can be accessed through libcamera and the libcamera-based Picamera2 Python library beta.

All models of Raspberry Pi Zero require a Raspberry Pi Zero camera cable; the standard cable supplied with the camera module is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero camera connector. Suitable cables are available at low cost, and are supplied with the Raspberry Pi Zero Case.

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